Since it was founded until today company PANON A.D. through constantly investment and development of production process become LEADER in making alcohol and vinegar, so today it can boast with great export load to EU market.

Commmencment business of alkohol factory is linked with 1923 when it was founded inside Sugar factory according to French system called BARBET. The aim was to make alcohol from treacle-waste juice which sugar factory made. The first factory`s capacity was 15000 l refined alcohol in 24 hours.

In 1932 refinery is extended by HIAG`S installations for production of 100 % alcohol-denatured. In 1939 just before II world war was built a building which should be place where they would made alcohol from corn. But the war started and made impossible this lines connection. After II world war correctly in 1950 it began with producing alcohol drink named CORAL.


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In producing programme were contrived brandy, sweet liqueurs, rum, syrup and carbonated juices. In 1963 power plant was spreaded and modernized putting new boiler in production process for the first time it could be started just with crude oil, and a steam turbine for power station necessities. In 1971 new factory for producing alcohol with large capacity - 30000 l a day and 5000 kg dry inactive leaven started to work. Old factory was finished, but just until 1974. With the aim to extend leaven production factory tried to use VOGELBUSCH`S B process. Old alcohol factory started with producing alcohol from cereals inputting new line fpr preparing corn juice using ensims. Since 1974 this old factory produce not only alcohol but a dry inactive leaven BEVIPROT. This techology was tested for the first time in 1973 but the first seriosly production was in 1981. In 1982 they built the section for the primary cleaning of liquid waste from the factory as one of the first that kind`s installation in Vojvodina. However sanctions and energetic crisis had stopped this section`s work in 1991. In 1992 factory started once more making alcohol drinks and with larger range every year and today there are twenty different alcohol drinks here.Beside making alcohol,leaven and alcohol drinks rised necessity for making alcohol vinegar. Producing vinegar started with FRINGS technology in 1993. In the same year producing capacity become larger for 100% with great VOGELBUS technology. In 1994 factory started producing fizzy drinks orange,lemon,kiwi and mango until 2003 when producing process stopped. Further extension and increasing vinegar production capacity increased necessity for innovation producing wine and apple vinegar. So in 1994 nature apple vinegar production started and in 1996 wine vinegar production too which still lasts. After many changes in preparing corn juice until it was made general reconstruction which enable great increase cereal alcohol production, with less use of energy and raw~materials and production of raw corn flour.

PANON A.D. nowdays is a firm with the largest capacity for production alcohol on ex-country`s space ,especially cereal alcohol. It is potentialy the largest producer of alcohol vinegar in former Yugoslavia. It is producer with wide range of the best vodkas in country based on the finest, cereal, neutral distillates. It produce inactive leaven, corn flour and technical alcohol but it is planned extension and development producing process in purpose to supply consumers with nature products and satisfy their necessities by the highest quality and wide range of our products .

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