Beside clean ethil-alcohol which is produced by modification of treacle as a by-product in sugar producing process, we make great cereal alcohol which is used as the best raw-material in producing alcohol drinks and technical alcohol.
Absolutely nature vinegar made of alcohol with concentation of acid coounted as vinegar-acid in 9%. It`s the winner of many golden medals on International Fair in Novi Sad.
As you know apple vinegar contain wide range of substance to which great experts ascribe magical power and they thought that it should be part of daily nutrition.
A.D. PANON produce apple vinegar squeezing apple juice as a nature raw-material with concentration of acid counted as vinegar in 4% and its quality is confirmed in many golden medals on International Fair in Novi Sad, and a lot of consumers too.
When you know that apple vinegar contain the largest part of apple`s nutritment, exept the fruit sugar which in fermentation process become vinegar acid it isn`t sttrange that its use in different aims from spices across medicine to the component in growing the livestock.

Made of the most quality grapes vine with concentration of acid counted as vinegar-acid, absolutely nature, it is just like our other products awarded for quality with many medals.
Made of high grade cereal alcohol which is the raw-material for producing alcohol drinks. Obtain from the refined alcohol in special procedure. There are Lemon vodka, Classic Red and Classic Blue vodka in offer.
Made of clean nature cereal alcohol . We are talking about the bitter aromatic liqueur with 28% concentration of alcohol and healling characteristics and well-known quality is a result of constantly developing produce process. Recognized with bitter taste and colour it`s the winner of Great Silver Medal for quallity on International Fair in Novi Sad.


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