(Hazard Analysis and Critical, Control Points) is review on danger and critical control points. That is international system of preventve microbiological, hemical and physical contamination in a whole chain of delivery foodstuff so it implies systemic process analysing,finding potentional dangers and identification tipical danger and danger`s sources,critical points and risks which can appear in produce process and delivery of foodstuff in the aim to prevent production and/or delivery for consumers of unsafely products.

Quality policy

Modern market is commited on QUALITY of products because today the quality is one of the most important factor on world market. Large and strict international and national regulations call attention to the importance of managment of hygiene in producing, preparing and transport foodstuff. Everything with the aim to ensure safe, helthy and quality food how consumers demands.
Realising imporance of increasing quality according to ISO 9000:2000 just as a use of HACCP safety system in food industry PANON A.D. Crvenka as the largest producer of alcohol and vinegar in Serbia realised importance using management system quality according to standard ISO 9001:2000 and importance of leading in HACCP system and its use in company, coordinate to that 30 September 2005 made decision about consolidate section of using HACCP system and formed PROJECT BOARD as the highest authority of management system of quality which had several steps defineted on plan project with team founded by: Dragomir Vukotic general director of company and Head office of project and members: Slobodan Milosevic graduate technologist and vise president of project board, Radislav Papovic graduate jurist, Dragoljub Karalic graduate economist and Sinisa Matic graduate mechanical engineer. The Project Board had precisely defineted tasks for putting in HACCP system. In the aim of succesful realising project as the inputting HACCP system and its use was named Mr Slobodan Milosevic REPRESENTATIVE HEAD OFFICE FOR QUALITY AND HACCP SYSTEM, he is directly responsible to the chairman of company for completion of project through precisely defineted tasks in this project.

In September 2005 PANON A.D. CRVENKA has established HACCP system and still use in

next facilities:
- section for making cereal alcohol
- section for making treacle alcohol
- section for making vinegar and
- section for bottle vinegar and alcohol

a group of products:
- cereal alcohol
- treacle alcohol
- alcohol vinegar
- apple vinegar
- wine vinegar and
- livestock leaven

Control of using HACCP system by certificated commity representative of TUV, PANON A.D. get a good mark for strict and correct use HA system.

PANON A.D. base its production on itselves raw-material sources, modern techology and high quality of products what is confirmed by the world standards
quality of our products, alcohol and vinegar, and it tries to get confidence in quality and safety of products what is confirmed by many rewards and acknowledgement for natural and quality products on International Fairs in golden, silver and bronye medals.

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